ABOUT  | Biology Ambassadors Program at UNC-Chapel Hill


All things biology.   Brought to you by biology students. 

The Biology Ambassadors Program at UNC-Chapel Hill is an undergraduate student team of volunteers focused on public outreach to support students connected to the UNC Department of Biology. 

What we do:

The main purpose of the program is to assist the UNC Department of Biology by connecting with prospective students, current students, the university, and the community. Ambassadors work to stimulate community interest in science-related activities and the college.

Biology Ambassadors at the 2017 annual end-of-the-year celebration

How we achieve our goals: 

  1. 1. K-12 Outreach 
  2. Disseminate biological knowledge in interactive ways to engage learners of all ages. 
  3. 2. Mentor Program
  4. Introduce and aid immersion of first-year and transfer students to Carolina biology.
  5. 3. Department Engagement 
  6. Work alongside UNC biology faculty to bridge student concerns, needs, and wishes with that of the department.
  7. 3. Prospective Student Tours  
  8. Present the biology department, and UNC as a whole, to families and prospective students.