Program Description

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION  |   Biology Ambassadors Program at UNC-Chapel Hill

Why get involved? 

Students selected as Ambassadors will have excellent opportunities to further develop personal, social, communication and leadership skills. Such development may have positive effects upon achieving intended professional career goals.

Ambassadors will help prospective students and others understand the value of the UNC Department of Biology. They also have the potential of promoting pride in, and understanding of, the life sciences.

Form close relations with fellow biology peers, and get to know your biology professors in an outside-of-the-classroom context as they work with you and the program to stimulate interest in all things Biology at UNC-Chapel Hill (see more of this on our Instagram page).

Make a lasting and valuable impact on the lives of your mentee(s) by seeking to aid their assimilation into college and gain a better understanding of their love of biology.

What to expect?

Ambassadors serve for one year, fall through spring semester, and may additionally volunteer for summer opportunities. After serving for one year, Ambassadors may indicate whether or not they wish to return to the program for the following year. Continuation as an Ambassador for the following year is dependent upon meeting established standards of performance and needs of the program.

● Ambassadors will lead prospective student tours, be a mentor for first-year and transfer students, participate in K-12 outreach, promote the program (such as during Fall-Fest and Admitted Students Days), and create and lead programs designed to improve student-student and student-faculty connections. 

● As a mentor, Ambassadors will be matched with one to three mentees and are required to meet with these mentees in person at least once a semester and be available for questions through email. Ambassadors must email each mentee at least once a month for updates. Mentor responsibilities involve being a resource and guiding first-year and transfer students through the Department of Biology and do not include being a tutor for homework help.

● Ambassadors are required to attend Mandatory Monthly Body Meetings unless they have a valid excuse (including academic, health, and work excuses). Other excuses will be handled on a case-by-case basis. To receive an excused absence from monthly meetings, Ambassadors must contact the Executive Coordinator beforehand.

● Ambassadors are expected to communicate effectively with other Ambassadors and the Executive Board. In addition, Ambassadors are expected to uphold values of diversity and inclusion in their language and actions.

● Ambassadors are expected to input time into the program. Ambassadors are expected to work with other Ambassadors to create at least two events a semester. Ambassadors will receive points for creating these events and will receive additional points for attending these events.